About mamagigi

 I’m Gretchen (also have been known to answer to Gigi, G and Garbo), a thirty-something mama, wife, editor, freelance writer and ‘natural’  redhead married to Thomas, a man whose patience never runs dry. We’ve been in love 20 years; married for 13.

Adoption issues are near and dear to me; both my husband and daughter were adopted. His is closed, hers is open. We’re all about the open. Oh, and ethics in adoption? That’s a non-negotiable.

In addition to writing here about parenting, adoption, transracial adoption and our commitment to our daughter’s first mother, I write a quarterly column, Musings of An Adoptive Mama, for my adoption agency on open adoption and the myriad issues, feelings and experiences surrounding it. Learn more about me and my freelance writing services at www.gretchenbogerobryan.com.

No matter the venue, talking about adoption, sharing my experiences and providing resources are what I do. Most important, making connections and sharing in our own unique journeys — from all sides — are what I strive for.

Respectful comments are always welcome.

I’m active in my local adoption group, which embraces all members of the triad, works to ensure open minds and open hearts, and supports those in their own unique journey. If you’re in New Jersey and interested in meeting others touched by adoption, shoot me an email.

Reach me anytime at mamagigi AT comcast DOT net.


7 responses to “About mamagigi

  1. outbroker

    I look forward to reminding you…charmingly, but with the appropriate balance of half-wit and sarcasm…when you’re blog entries start to fall short of the “Promise.”

    I’ll be watching. I’ll be reading.

  2. Laurie

    I just stumbled upon your website- not sure quite how I got here but- I just had to say hello because I also have a Maeve! She was born in Feb 2005 just a few months before your Maeve……………My husband’s family is all in Ireland and we had to have an Irish name we loved. I just hadn’t heard it for any other children since we named her………………….Well that is all! Obviously she is a wonderful child and you are most wonderful parents to name your child such an excellant name!
    (another Maeve’s mommy!)

  3. carolyn

    I love your blog! Maeve is adorable!
    Best wishes,
    Carolyn (mommy of Ethan)

  4. Gillian Green

    Hi Gretchen & Maeve,
    Thanks for the list of adoption books. Took out a mother for choco fm library to read to Isobel who loves to look at books….


  5. Kim

    I was directed to your website by a wonderful friend at Adoptions From The Heart. My husband and I just submitted our profiles and final paperwork for adoption! At times I feel so excited, I could literally bounce down the hall.
    I’ve become mildly obsessed with reading everything about adoption — books, magazines and internet sites. I really enjoy your site, and I plan to visit often. Thank you.

  6. Janine

    Hi GiGi, I have bben searching for someone who understand what Im going through. It seems like you have a good idea. I went throough the whole infertility treatments and greiveing process. About 5 months ago we placed our profile with AFTH in N.J. It has been a waiting process now. I am a social worker and looking for a support group for myself and my husband. We are both supportive of one another but the stress of waiting get to us and the expence of it all is overwelming for a middle class family. I started working a second job to occupy my time and make extra money for little things. I wanted to say thank you for the website and reading your blog has help me realise that Im not the only one going through this.

  7. Erin

    I have read bits and pieces of your website and love it and will return but what brought me here was your list of books for kids. I am in an open adoption with the biological mothers of my 2 daughters. They are both very young (1 and 3) and I desperately want a book that can grow with us as we keep open dialogue with the girls about their histories and current relationships with their families. Pugnose is soooo high on my list but I cannot find it!!! Please help if you can!! Thanks soo much.

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