Luck, mamahood and iambic pentameter(ish)

All the mamas in Maeve’s first grade class were asked to write a poem about their child and read it during a Mother’s Day tea. The kids wrote an acrostic poem for their mom and read it to them. (So cute!) One would think that given my fear of public speaking, my poem would have been short and sweet. (And preferably e-mailed. Sadly, that wasn’t an option.) Don’t know about sweet, but short it is not. I even warned the 46 (!) people I was reading it to. After I read it (without fainting!) and sat back at my seat, the mama-friend sitting next to me said it was classic Gretchen — just like my text messages. (aka L-O-N-G…)

Didn’t Shakespeare say that “verbosity is the soul of wit”? No? Are you sure? Hmmm, that’s a shame.

For you Maeve, on this Mother’s Day eve.

Love you more, love you most. -mama

This is the story of one lucky mama
And I’m not being silly or chock-full of drama.
This mama’s more lucky than lucky finds seven
From one to ten, my luck is eleven!
Why am I lucky, you may wonder and ask?
I’ll spell it all out, but it is quite a task.
Each day that I wake and take a big stretch
My heart is so full and my breath I must catch.
It was six years ago, this change in my world
My daughter arrived, my heart it unfurled.
This dear little bundle so precious and small
Grabbed onto my soul — in love I did fall.
A new little family, my heart was aglow
Then I saw something! What do you know?
As new baby slept, her lips in their pout
Made a perfect heart shape, of this I’ve no doubt!
I had to just watch her and take in the sight
I couldn’t love baby with any more might.
Toes oh-so-tiny and hair oh-so-straight
Big dreams I had dreamed but then had to wait.
Like large ocean waves, in blues deep as the sea
Maeve entered my life and changed all of me.
Before I was “mom,” how I’d wished on a star
Maeve’s middle name, then picked from afar.
Its African meaning I’ve always been told
Is a message to me that will never grow old.
Kya means diamond, so high in the sky
A star with the power to make my heart fly.
Dare to discover just how lucky I feel?
To be part of her story, and know it’s all real?
Well, catch the world’s luck and hold it real tight
Push it under your pillow then dream big all night!
As new mamas know, there’s so much to learn
Unknowns and surprises we don’t always yearn.
But there are some, so full of delight
Like seeing a change just appear overnight!
One morning’s bath, I received such a shock
When sprung from her head was a curl in her lock!
And each day that followed, more spirals did spring
How sweet it all was — yes, oh what a thing!
I looked in those eyes so dark and so round
Couldn’t believe all this luck I had found.
If four-leaf clovers, I thought, are called such a prize
She’s my million-leaf clover! How’s that for size?
Such awe that I felt as I witnessed her grow,
One step, then another — wait, where’d baby go?
The new toddling toddler taught me so much
Adventures we shared, sweet, silly and such!
Her first word was Ella (that’s our long-haired gray cat)
How she’d grab that big tail, oh, yes I remember all that!
Life’s full of choices — that holds true for tykes
They grow into people with their own list of likes:
At the beach she did frolic, diving in sand.
She ate olives like me, five on each hand
On the color of yellow and giraffes she did crush,
When her first tooth appeared, my heart went to mush.
So quickly that toddling, turned running galore
And playing and laughing and learning much more.
As time flew right by me, all her teeth they flew in
And now that she’s six, she’s changing that grin.
When the Tooth Fairy comes, so sneaky at night
I so want to yell, “No! This just isn’t right!”
She’s growing too fast, discovering herself
Those old baby days tucked high on a shelf.
Now in first grade, just how can that be?
Wasn’t a baby just crying for me?
She loves to be tickled, keeps begging for more
We don’t even stop until we’re both sore.
Then we cuddle and dance and laugh ‘till we cry
Then calm ourselves down and join in a sigh.
From fun family game night to lollipop licks
I watch from the sidelines her big soccer kicks
She rides her bike fast to see where it goes
Big adventures await her that nobody knows.
I’m lucky to know her and love her as mine
Forever her mama and helping her shine.
Her name it was picked from some cool Irish lore
Where Maeve was a queen and never a bore.
So strong and so smart — knew what she wanted
From fears and unknowns she never was daunted.
My wish for you Maeve, is to grow and be strong
Do what you fear and sing your own song!
You’ll learn and you’ll love and you’ll shed a tear,
But you’ll always have me and my big – biggest – cheer.
How much do I love you? Let me tell you it’s more
Each day that you knock on my tender heart door.
Luck it comes and luck it goes — but mine will surely stay.
You are my sky-bright star, my heart-shaped lips, my luck in every way.
So fling coins in a fountain, hang horseshoes upright
Walk around ladders then close your eyes tight.
Wish on the stars and cross fingers for luck
Inside of your shoes, old pennies do tuck.
Grab hold of ten wishbones then give ‘em a pull
That’s still not as lucky as my own heart is full.
These things may be nice and can feel so divine,
But not one can compare to this daughter-of-mine.


And this is Maeve’s acrostic poem to me:

My mom is smart.

On Fridays she lets me pick out a movie.

The pizzas she makes are really good.

Her hair is pretty.


Reads me books.


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One response to “Luck, mamahood and iambic pentameter(ish)

  1. healthhappinessandharmony

    Brought me to tears…both mother and daughter did a beautiful job 🙂

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