It’s official! NJ has Paid Adoption Leave

At noon today Gov. Jon S. Corzine signed the paid family leave bill into law, calling it a “legacy moment” and a “moral necessity.”

Beginning January 1, 2009 payroll deductions will begin being taken, and employees will be eligible to take up to six weeks of paid time off beginning July 1, 2009.

More than 12 years in the making. But, finally, it’s law — and all employers are covered by it.

Interesting that under this new law, employers have the option of requiring the first two weeks of that leave be covered by vacation or sick time.  Sick time — precisely what I tried to wrangle every which way into an arrangement for me to spend those first weeks home with Maeve while not completely going cold turkey on a much-needed income.

At the time, I had accrued — through my more than 10 years with the company — 96 days of sick leave. 96 Days. I wasn’t asking to use all those days, but had offered to use whatever amount we agreed on, and then forfeit additional days for good measure.

No go. I was told that would be “setting a precedent” since I “wouldn’t be sick.”

Funny how the new law actually considers sick time a viable option.

Aint that a kick in the pants.

Oh, well, just Ignore my frustration and celebrate! This is indeed a very long time coming!

(For a history of the bill and its journey through the legislature, check out the Paid Leave Tab above.)


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