It’s Earth Day up in here

Earth Day cupcakes to share with Maeve’s class and homemade newspaper packets with flower seeds for each of her little friends to take home and plant with their family.

(No critiquing my confection continents, folks. It’s no secret that cookin’ or bakin’ ain’t my thing. Add in geography, and one had better admire the outcome with a generous dose of imagination. A sugar high doesn’t hurt, either.)

If I’m making every effort to teach Maeve to be kind to her friends, family and the people around her, to clean up her toys when she’s done playing and to make the “right” choice when faced with various (and devilishly tempting) options, I don’t think it’s too early to ALSO teach her — even at two and a half — these same lessons on a global scale:

How to respect nature and all its inhabitants, to never leave anything on the ground that doesn’t belong there, and to make smart choices for the world around her.

On this Earth Day, I leave you with this bit of quotational wisdom I find wonderfully inspirational:

“Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time.”



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5 responses to “It’s Earth Day up in here

  1. thanksgivingmom

    Well first of all, there’s cupcakes, wo you know you’ve won me over! But also, these are just adorable!!!

    And I love that quote!

  2. Maureen

    WOW – you are good!! I think they look awesome!!!

    And good for you on teaching Maevy gentleness all around – to people and our planet….


  3. Great quote, but I disagree, you are a great cook!
    See what I did today at my blog! 🙂 (insert shameless plug here!)

  4. The cupcakes look great! so cool! Kudos to you on teaching Maeve about being kind to the planet. 🙂

  5. Those are fantastic cupcakes! Maeve must be mighty proud of your talents.

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