Paid Adoption Leave in NJ passes! On gov’s desk…

Good news!

Today the New Jersey Senate gave its final nod of approval, 21-15, to the Paid Family Leave bill it now sits on Gov. Jon Corzine’s desk awaiting his signature, something he has pledged to do. Once signed, the bill goes into effect July 2009.

As explained here before (please see the Paid Adoption Leave tab above for posts chronicling the bill through the legislative process) S-786 would provide workers six weeks’ paid leave — two-thirds pay or up to $524 weekly — to care for sick family members, newly adopted children and newborns. Employees would pay about $35 yearly into the state’s temporary disability Insurance fund through payroll deductions.

This. Is. Huge.

I’m thrilled for all parents needing time off to be with their children, biological or adopted. No one should have to choose between caring for their family or the job they need to survive.

Next up? The adoptee open records bill. Like this one, it’s made more progress this legislative session than ever before.



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