So stinkin’ cute! (But I’m biased …)

My parents had a little egg hunt in their backyard for Maeve on Easter. She was a riot to watch as she had to first understand what she was supposed to be doing, and then she was so focused on finding eggs that she’d walk right by anything else — even when it’s not something that would ordinarily be found in a backyard.

Ya know, like a box of Colorforms sitting on the sundial in the garden. Or the box of lacing cards on the patio table. Or the chocolate rabbit tucked inside a planter.

Tonight, as part of the “quiet time” in our evening routine — after daddy’s late arrival home had the two of them playing and getting all riled up very close to her bedtime — I brought out the lacing cards. (Props to grandma and grandpa, by the way. If she’s going to get some sort of toy, two classics, throwbacks from my childhood, were a sweet way to go. Colorforms! Lacing cards! Come on!)

So tonight, had someone peered into our living room windows, they’d have seen one little girl happily sitting next to her father on the couch, poking the lace through the card and pulling it back up. They’d also have seen her parents, each sitting comfy and concentrating on their own cards. (It is surprisingly soothing. Seriously. What?)

Each time she’d finish one, she’d shout, “Ta-daaaaa!” and hold it up. Then she’d climb down from the couch, her face beaming, and bring the card to me before excitedly picking a new one from the box.

Here are two of my favorites from tonight. Her turtle and the teddy bear I began and, ahem, she “finished.”

She’s so stinkin’ cute, I can hardly stand it.




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2 responses to “So stinkin’ cute! (But I’m biased …)

  1. jessica

    hey gretchen! that is tooo cute…she did a great job. colorforms were the best i hope she enjoys them! aww i miss her tell maevy i say “Hi” and i miss her.

  2. Maureen

    T still thinks that colorforms are, well, edible, in some way… But we have something similar to the cards and, yes, they are calming – until you can’t. get. the. lace. through…. the…. stinking…HOLE!!! That is VERY frustrating and not calming before bedtime AT ALL!!


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