Vote set on Paid Family Leave in NJ

The full New Jersey Assembly is scheduled to vote tomorrow on A-873 — its version of Senate bill S-786 approved last week — which would guarantee workers six weeks of paid leave for, among other things, caring for a newly adopted child. Click the Paid Family Leave tab above for past posts chronicling the bills, amendments and committee votes.

If approved by the heavily Democratic Assembly, the bill would then need Senate ratification — seemingly a formality after last week’s stamp of approval on its own measure. Since Democrats generally favor the family leave plan, it seems a nod of approval tomorrow isn’t a long shot — quite a change from years past.

Democratic Gov. Jon S. Corszine has said he will sign the bill.



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2 responses to “Vote set on Paid Family Leave in NJ

  1. Maureen

    FINGERS CROSSED!!! This is huge!!!


  2. Paul in NJ

    If you think this will ultimately benefit NJ’s workers, think again. When too many employees abuse this program, the legislature will have to step in before too many small employers go belly-up.

    “Hey, it’s FREE MONEY – and I haven’t seen Grandma’s Pompano Beach house yet….”

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