Pig On Her Head

When Thomas and I were dating about a gazillion years ago, we spent many a vacation day attending the concerts of our favorite band. Over the years we made our way — when our work and school schedules could accomodate the band’s tour schedule — from Pennsylvania to Maine and back, enjoying the music, the camaradarie and adventure of exploring various locales along the East Coast. Some of the shows were two-day events at huge venues like retired military bases. It didn’t take long for the empty, bland tarmac to fill with fans and morph into a colorful patchwork of tents as far as the eye could see.

I’ve said here many times before that music is big in our home — there’s always something playing in the background. Since Maeve’s arrival, of course, the repertoire has grown to include more child-centric selections. Among them is Laurie Berkner — someone we actually enjoy listening too as well. (It’s not uncommon for me to be nearing the office in the morning when I realize the CD has been playing since I left Maeve at daycare — and I’ve missed an opportunity to put my own music on.)

So, given our “Got Music? We’ll Travel” history, it’s not that entirely unthinkable that last Sunday morning Thomas and I found ourselves piling into the car with Maeve and heading out of Dodge. (Well, New Jersey.)

And before we knew it, we were through New York and arriving in Connecticut. Hartford, to be exact. And here’s why:


Yes, that’s the beloved Laurie Berkner — or as she’s known in our house, Loor-eee-berk-a-ner. Let’s just say this: When we woke Maeve up that morning (that’s how early we needed to leave), she rolled over, still groggy, she rubbed her eyes and looked up at me. “Loooor-eeeee?” she asked. She’d remembered where we were going that day. So I asked her if she wanted to go see Laurie Berkner sing and dance, she sat up in bed and said, “Of course!”

A phrase I’ve never heard her use.

As we traversed one of the highways along our route, she perked up, pointed to a rooftop we were approaching and declared it “Laurie’s house!” As we continued on our way, she declared from the backseat: “You missed it! Turn ’round! Turn ’round!” (It had never occurred to me she would assume we would be going to Laurie’s house to visit.)

From Laurie’s Buzz Buzz and Walk Along the River to Pig On Her Head and I’m Gonna Catch You (as well as two new songs from the upcoming album), we had a great time singing and dancing along. And there were a couple times when Thomas and I caught each other’s eye and exchanged a smile. After all, this was surreal indeed. We were “on tour” with another band, and as parents.

Funny how life changes … yet stays the same.




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2 responses to “Pig On Her Head

  1. We love Laurie here too.
    What a great shot of you and Maeve! She looks absolutely enthralled!

    We took Kelsey to see GoDiegoGo! 2 Sats ago and she had the same expression on her face. Love the toddler look.

  2. Ah. We love us some Laurie!!

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