Monday Morning Maeve: Dreamy




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5 responses to “Monday Morning Maeve: Dreamy

  1. Maureen

    Her hair is getting so long!!! Love love love it!!!

    Can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!!
    Taylor is very excited to see Maevy-gravy!

  2. And she has the dreamiest eyes and curls!! I could lose myself in them!

  3. trixieintransit


  4. Lynn

    Why couldn’t I be blessed with hair like her!

  5. Grandpa

    I agree with all of the comments about Maeve’s hair and eyes. Each time I see her those eyes melt me. I have been told that Maeve has me wrapped around her finger.
    All I can say from a Granfather’s perspective is that
    I fit so well around that little finger I never even noticed any discomfort! I love being wrapped around her finger. Grandpa

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