On placecards and turkeys



Heading off this morning to make pies with Thomas’ mother. I’m not much of a fan of the kitchen, but I am all for helping out with the Thanksgiving preparations (despite never having actually made a pie before). Word is she and I have five to make so we need an early start.

Tom is thrilled because he loves his mom’s pies — and they are super delicious — so I told him not to worry, I’d pay super-close attention and be sure to remember all her tricks and secrets.

And then I’d come right home and teach him to make them himself.

One thing I enjoy a bit more than being in the kitchen is tinkering with creative projects — like this for my daughter’s day care (her first classroom was the Pink Elephants) — so when I was tabbed to make place cards for this year’s dinner with my husband’s family, I wanted to do something more than put pen to paper. Considering that recent years have numbered close to 40 people, this year’s smaller gathering of 22 made my task a bit easier.

Not sure what my mother-in-law had in mind when she asked me to make them, but as you can see, the final result involves lots of cinnamon sticks, ribbon, pinecones and lotus pods. And for the kids’ table? Pinecone turkeys, what else!(Thanks to my mom, who was determined to figure out how to transform a pinecone into something fun for the kiddos. And this isn’t even her gathering. Props to her!)

Now, I’m off to make a pie or two. Or five.



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2 responses to “On placecards and turkeys

  1. Jen

    The placecards came out great! Creative as usual.

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