All in a Day

It’s been four months since I went part-time at the newspaper. Since then, I’ve had two days each week at home with Maeve. My mindset is improved, my house a bit better organized and, most of all, my heart is so much happier. After all, it’s two days a week where Maeve and I take on the world. Just us.

Sharing back-patting hugs.

Leaf and flower hunting.

Reading book after book after book.

Stringing Cheerios into necklaces.

Singing “Birdie Song!” one thousand, three hundred fifty-seven and a half times. (To the rest of the world, it’s Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.”)

Snore-filled naps.

Lip-smacking kisses (also known as “sugah” round here).

Kitty-cat chasing.

Squeaky chalk as we try to write letters A, T, W and M. Then A again, her favorite.

“More milk, peeez Mah-mee!”

Wiping up spilled milk.

Swinging in the backyard.

Swinging babydoll (aptly named “Baby”) in the backyard.

Buckling Baby in.

Unbuckling Baby.

Adjusting Baby’s position in the swing.

Re-buckling Baby. Puuuuush! Wheeeeeeee!

Lunchtime break: Turkey hot dog with zesty honey mustard (with no bun), corn and banana ring peppers. (Yep, peppers. That’s my girl!)

“Sugah” for dessert.

Maeve Tickle Monster (Her little hands clenched, fingers dancing about, chases me around).

Patty-cake sloooooooow.

Patty-cake FAST!

Wagon ride up the hill (me pulling Maeve)

Wagon pull down the hill (“Maeve do, Maeve do! Mah-mee!”)

Squirrel counting: “One … Two … Three … Look! Anodder one, mahmee!”

Crayon-box diving for pink. Oh yeah, and … pink. And did I mention … pink? Oh, look, it’s pink. “Mah-mee, pink one!”

Assembly of giant fire-truck puzzle assembly followed by Fire Truck Song and Mommy and Maeve march (sometimes right onto giant puzzle).

Reassemble giant fire-truck puzzle.

Silly-Mommy Dance (This is done over Maeve, who’s on the floor, arms at her side, legs together. Note: Since this dance is not remotely attractive on my part, there’s no photographic evidence. So. Don’t. Ask.)

Silly-Maevey Dance (Done over me, which always ends with her collapsing onto my belly.)

“Westing” (She stops mid-play to rest her head on my shoulder. Just as I realize what she’s doing, she’s gone again, off to play.)

Reading more books. And then a few more again.

Mommy Tickle Monster emerges.

Silly Laughs.

Big Hugs.

Some more sugah sharing.

Maeve and Mommy Tickle Monsters Reunion!

As much as I enjoy my work at the newspaper, I gotta say, being with Maeve like this is by far The. Best. Job. Ever.

NaBloPoMo Stats: 5 down, 25 to go.



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3 responses to “All in a Day

  1. Aunt Kiki

    For the record, I believe I have documented photos of the “mommy silly dance” from your time in Arizona. I think I will keep them safe until I really need them! Great reading!

  2. mama2roo

    sounds simply divine. these are the best days, aren’t they?

  3. Maureen

    Does it get any better than this?? I don’t think so….


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