Decaf next time?


Can hardly sit still and don’t really know why that is, thoughts moving through my mind faster than I can make them into words for you here, I’m trying to figure out why that is but as soon as I think I have the answer I forget what I was trying to think of, isn’t it silly how that happens, as Maeve would say, silly mommy, she would laugh and I would laugh and there would be lots of laughing and maybe even some tickling and falling to the floor but right now I can’t think of much else other than the fact that I can’t sit still and focus and I don’t know why that could be, by the way today Maeve received a cute tea set for her birthday from a friend in my local adoption group whose daughter turned two a couple weeks before Maeve did, they came by and the girls played outside and inside and even got pulled in the big red wagon and collected rocks from the driveway and had orange juice popsicles on a hot, sunny day, and then when daddy came home tonight he helped open the tea set and showed Maeve how to set it up, cute in itself dontchya think, a big strong daddy sitting down to tea and showing Maeve how to pour and stir and use a pink saucer, she watched every move he made and I watched both of them silly happy at how cute it was and before we knew it we were all having an impromptu tea party, our very first ever, and Maeve was pouring tea for both of us and sometimes into the little bowls and onto the saucers too and then she’d just turn the tea kettle over and rest it in her lap while she drank from the teacup but that’s ok because it was only her first tea party after all and a girl’s gotta learn, and hey, wait a minute, I think I just figured out why I can’t sit still, it must be the 183 cups of tea Maeve poured for me tonight, because by the end of the “teapahty!” we were all just smiling and sipping and smiling and sipping and maybe, just maybe …

I sipped too much.



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4 responses to “Decaf next time?

  1. Amen, sister! You can’t beat 183 cups of virtual tea at the little one’s teapahty!

    From, the big strong daddy of another little tea pahty-er.

  2. you guys are adorable…if a little hyper from the caffiene (are you suuuurrreee you can’t go to the ethics conference?? I just booked my flight and room today. Margie is going to be there too).

  3. Oh, Em, I want to go sooooo badly. Darn that work getting in the way. Of all the weeks I’d committed to cover someone, that’s it. To attend that conference, which sounds tremendous, and to meet you and Margie? Too good to be true! And alas, it is just that for moi. Too good to be true.

    Next time, next time, dang-it! I can’t wait to hear all about it! If, by some bizarre happenstance, something changes in enough time, I will be there.

  4. Hey MamaGiGi,
    So happy you guys enjoyed the teaset! There is nothing cuter than a big strong man having a tea party with his little girl.

    Next time, the 3 of you (including Tom could “dress up” 😉

    BTW, I was thinking…how about a hydrangea bush for your backyard? It would sit very nicely in the middle and then you’d have either pink or blue blooms now. See…I focused on the important things…gardening!

    We had a great time, our girls are so cute together!

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