Gathering for adoption ethics

This fall, the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute and Ethica will bring together researchers, practitioners, authors and adoption and foster care activists for a conference outside Washington, D.C., on adoption ethics and accountability.

The two-day program in October, “Doing it Right Makes a Lifetime of Difference,” includes near 50 speakers and panel discussions and workshops on myriad issues, including accountability to birthfamilies,  children and adult adoptees; ethical relinquishments; ensuring ongoing relationships; transracial adoption; records searches; industry regulation; best practices; discrimination; supporting adopted children and more.

Check out the complete conference, hotel and program reservation details here.

This is the second ethics conference hosted by the Institute. Although it’s in Arlington, Va., about four hours from me, I’m very intrigued. Anyone been before? Anyone interested in or planning to attend?



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4 responses to “Gathering for adoption ethics

  1. mama2roo

    Oooh, I’m intrigued. I was going to register for the Attach conference at that same time, but might chew on this one instead…Let me know soon if you wanna go and I’ll start thinking harder about it .

  2. I really want to go to this but I’m going to another conference that’s happening almost exactly at the same time and I’m committed to that one because I’m on a panel (with Jenna!). But I really really really would LOVE to go to that other one.

  3. Wow, I would so love to go to that (or the one that Dawn will be presenting at), but seeing as how I’ll be gone Oct. 5-7 and leaving Frank and Nate to fend for themselves for The. First. Time. Ever., I probably shouldn’t do that to them again so soon. *sigh*, sometimes I hate being a responsible adult.

  4. trixieintransit

    I might be interested. I can definitely swing the travel. It just depends on whether we get the baby in September or not.

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