These days of adoration will end

Act I, Scene I

Characters: Mamagigi. Her daughter Maeve, who is on the cusp of turning two. Maeve recently moved up to a new classroom at her daycare, where potty-training mode is in full gear for some of the children.

Scene: Mamagigi household, second floor. Sounds heard from outside the bathroom: Flush. Faucet turns. Water runs. Faucet turns again.


Mamagigi exits bathroom, unaware her daughter has taken an interest in her whereabouts and watchyadoins.

Maeve, who had been playing in her bedroom across the hall, runs toward Mamagigi, claps furiously, face beaming and with as much excitement as her little body can muster, exclaims:

“Yaaay, mommy!! Pah-tee!! Yaaay!! Good girl!!”

(I’m thinking that as the years pass, it’s going to get a lot harder to make such a good impression.)


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