Good morning! Where are your pants?

I’ve written recently about Maeve’s newfound interest and pride in being able to take off her diaper and try to redress herself. This has led to bare cheeks and wet sheets. Our fix thus far has been putting her diaper on backwards at night. Although she’s still been able to crack the code and shed the diaper, it’s happened much less often.

Well, she recently greeted me with a new one. Diaper on, thank goodness, but pajama shorts … well, rearranged.

After retrieving my camera and re-entering her room, she declared, “Cheese!” (Is this kid used to a camera in her face or what?) I asked her where her pants were, and she looked at me thoughtfully then began looking around, and then outside, of her crib. She seriously didn’t recall what she’d done with them.

After containing my laughter, I pointed out the exact locale of her pants-on-the-lam. She looked down to her neck and chest, thought a moment, and giggled a most-contagious giggle. Ha! The girl in a diaper with pants on her neck cracks herself up. 




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4 responses to “Good morning! Where are your pants?

  1. Jessica

    awww she is so cute!

  2. Maureen

    LOVE that morning hair!!! Can’t wait to see you guys!!


  3. trixieintransit

    Nothing cracks me up more than when the kiddos figure out the science of clothing. I know that it frustrates and embarrasses parents but as an “auntie” I just get a kick out of it. But my turn is coming someday….and my friends will laugh right back at me.

    (Oh.. she is precious!)

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