Imagine my surprise (and sheer delight!) in retrieving from my foyer yesterday the latest copy of Adoptive Families magazine. It had fallen from the mail slot to the floor face up, and peeked out among other much less intriguing mail.

As I bent to pick it up, I immediately recognized the beautiful girl adorning the front cover. I thought to myself, “That looks like Ruby!” Lo and behold, it is. That sweet face belongs to Ruby of Rubysoho in my blogroll. Fantastic, Aaryn! (Ruby’s hysterical, snarky, creative, beautiful mother, for those of you who haven’t clicked your way over there yet.)

Then, I begin to flip through … and I quickly see a subhead I know I’ve read before. And then I look at the photo accompanying the piece and it’s super-talented Dawn of This Woman’s Work, also in my blogroll! I’d immediately recognized the subhead because I’ve read the piece through Dawn’s links to her other writing. Maybe it’s the editor in me who notices heads and subheads and such details — I don’t know. But AF is reprinting her excellent piece.

Brava to both of you! It’s very exciting to see two women (and their daughters) that I “know” and read regularly — front and center in one issue.

Yeah, I’m thinking this means my blogroll rocks.  Clearly I’ve got good taste!

PS: An unrelated note. Although there’s been a lull around here recently, that’s about to end. Oh, I’ve got tons to write about — hence the half-composed drafts in the hopper, but it’s time that has been an issue. Well, things are changing ’round here as I’m about to gain both more writing time and more Maeve time. Couldn’t be happier about that lucky turn of events. Details to follow. But stick around. There’s about to be more of mamagigi than ever. (Yeah, that’s supposed to be a good thing, folks.)



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3 responses to “Doubletake!

  1. Awww, thanks for the shout out and the link to RubySoho because I didn’t have it before! 😀

  2. mama2roo

    Well, Gretchen, you are truly a shaker and a mover among the adoption ranks! I noticed Dawn’s article as well.

    Glad we’ll be seeing more of your writing and pictures as well–I always love what you have to say, and finding out what little Maevey is up to.

  3. hey gretchen.
    thanks so much for the holla! i appreciate the compliments and the comments on my blog. loving your stuff, too. the piece for AFTH this month is beautiful. keep on, keepin’ on. kisses to maeve from ruby ‘n me.

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