Look, Maeve! It’s a-maize-ing!

Maeve loves corn and peas. I mean really loves them. In fact, I’d say it rivals my unhealthy peanut-butter-cup obsession. (Well, except for the “unhealthy” part.)  But I digress. (Already.)  We realized after barbequeing recently that she’d never actually seen corn on the cob, nevermind eat it that way.

Alas, this light-bulb moment didn’t come until we saw the look on her face when The Cob And Its Corn were presented for dinner along with the usual suspects. Unfortunately, we couldn’t grab the camera fast enough to document her total look of simultaneous confusion, horror and intrigue. You’ll simply have to trust that this Most-Hysterical Face was priceless.

Beg your pardon? Oh no, no, dear Maize-Lovers, don’t fret! Some other juicy kernels of her corn-cob encounter were successfully captured for posterity. In fact, many seemed to pop right off the camera’s view screen! One could even argue the results are a veritable cornucopia of priceless moments. Yes, a photographic garden ripe for the picking.

Alright, alright, at the risk of having already jumped the corniness shark, I’ll get to the point, my little niblets. I’ll get the the photographic point.

Ahem, Ahem. (Clears throat, and in a husk-y announcer’s voice says …)

Maeve Very, Very Seriously Watching Daddy Eat Beloved, Cherished Corn
From The Bumpy Yellow Thing,
Then Trying To Master His Precise And Decades’-Old
Spin-Nibble, Spin-Nibble, Spin-Nibble Move.

Maeve, meet Corn’s Cob.  Corn’s Cob? Maeve.
I trust you’ll forge a sweet and juicy friendship.


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One response to “Look, Maeve! It’s a-maize-ing!

  1. mama2roo

    you really are corny, my dear, but very cute as is Maeve. My niece called it “bone corn” when she was little.

    Woob hates veggies of all kinds, and especially peas. Could you ‘peas’ get Maevy to give him a call and explain their purpose? (to EAT, not SMOOSH!)

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