Adoption Leave: Sample language

One more reminder that tomorrow’s the vote on S-2249, the bill to mandate paid family leave, which would include adoptive parents.

Need a quick primer? Scroll down a couple posts to get the full story and links to past essays detailing the bill.

Now’s the time to send off those notes of support to the heads of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, Sens. Bernard Kenny ( and Sharpe James (

And to make it even easier, I’m providing sample wording a colleague of mine used. Feel free to copy and paste the succinct language for use as your own — or simply as a base upon which to build. Either way, it’s imperative these folks here from you. Now.


I am writing to express my support for S-2249, which extends paid family leave benefits to adoptive parents, and is up for a vote in the Budget and Appropriations Committee tomorrow (Thursday, May 24).

I hope you share my belief that all families should be given the opportunity to take time to forge the necessary parent-child bonds free of financial worries related to missing work.

I urge you to support this piece of legislation. Thank you.


It’s that easy folks! Please take the time today! And remember: You don’t have to be a Jerseyan to show your support for paid family leave. California and New Jersey may serve as examples that push your state to act on this important issue.



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2 responses to “Adoption Leave: Sample language

  1. Wish I’d known about this earlier, but I put the info on my blog hoping perhaps some will jump on it this morning.
    Here’s the link:

  2. Thanks for the head’s up on this bill. I hope it passes.

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