When one door closes, another one …

It’s good to know people other than myself have days like this:

Tonight when Maeve and I were leaving her daycare and navigating the parking lot to my car, a woman sitting in the backseat of her car knocked on the window to get my attention.

After my heart resumed its beat — I hadn’t noticed her before that moment and she scared the you-know-what out of me — I figured I must know the woman, that she’s a parent of a little one in Maeve’s classroom. But when I bent down to get a better look and see what she was trying to tell me, I realized I didn’t know her at all.

Yet this stranger — sitting between her two young children snug in their carseats — sure was adamant about getting my attention. She was mouthing words and pointing to the inside of her car door.

Ok, I thought, I’ll bite.  I’ve always liked charades.

So I opened her door.

“Thank goodness!” she exclaimed, a bit exasperated.

“I childlocked myself in here.”


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One response to “When one door closes, another one …

  1. This is priceless. And something I could see myself doing…

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