Some time ago, I wrote here that something exciting was happening in mamagigi-land. I quickly realized I may have set the excitement bar too high as I received a handful of comments and a plethora of personal e-mails in all sorts of e-mailboxes from friends, family and newer online friends wanting to know the scoop. (Even my mother delurked.) One friend thought we’d somehow been placed with another child and quasi-chastised me for not letting her know sooner and personally, if this was, in fact, the news.

In reality, I was eager to share I am now writing a column addressing adoption, open adoption and first-time motherhood for the newsletter of my adoption agency. I just wanted to wait until it hit the newsstands, if you will.

Anyway, my first column is out and I’ve now wedged the column’s logo into my sidebar.

Aside from that, six inches of water have been shop-vac’d and push-broomed out of our finished basement — that recent rainy Nor’Easter was a doozy — and we dealt with a Cold Turned Touch of Croup in Maeve that had me thankful for her birth mother’s medical history.

Turns out I never needed any history as the Battle of the Wicked Cough and Lips Turning Blue-ish were a cold turned something akin to croup, but in those first moments when one’s imagination runs wild after witnessing her child sick with something she’s not seen before, there is relief in knowing there are medical records and ways to reach out if needed. That’s open adoption, for ya.



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7 responses to “Logo-rific

  1. Love the logo!! It’s perfect!

  2. Lindsay

    I was hoping that was the good news! We are so excited for you to share your insight with all of our families!

  3. Thanks for keeping us in the loop–I can’t wait to take a look at your articles!

  4. You never cease to amaze me with this blog… I’m so glad that you’ll be sharing your insights with the rest of the AFTH family!!

  5. Maureen

    Hope Maevy is feeling better soon!! And congrats on the article – it looks awesome!! Publishing world – look out!! mamagigi is in town!!


  6. Lauren

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I think the Hazlet office is almost as excited as you are to have your articles in the newsletter! See you at the picnic!

  7. Kristy - AFTH Marketing Manager

    I’m thrilled to have you sharing your experiences through our newsletter and I’m sure families are appreciating your insight as well!

    Ready to work on the Summer column?? 🙂

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