The Hunt (for the slide)

Enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt in the park this morning with friends. This was Maeve’s first — and guess how many my little bunny found? Drum roll please … wait for it … here it comes … One!

In her defense, there were three gazillion children and some parents were picking up eggs and tossing them in their children’s direction so they could fill their baskets first. Hello? Not us, we just sent her off on her way, sure she would make us proud. Oh — and see that pink egg just a few baby steps ahead of her? Yeah, that’s not the one she found.


And, as soon as it was over — about 55.237 seconds after it began — she dropped her basket and bee-lined it for the swirly slide. This, even after we popped open her plastic egg and found three little chocolates inside. Chocolates, I tell you. The girl needs to get her priorities in order.

All in all, I’d say we’re sliding into the chilly weekend quite nicely. Hope you are too.





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2 responses to “The Hunt (for the slide)

  1. Aren’t kiddos great?

  2. Maureen

    Head first – Holy Cow!! The girl is a dare-devil!!!!

    Taylor did the same thing at the egg hunt yesterday – could care less about the eggs and 6 other kids and bee-lined for the swingset and would have swung until she was blue with frost like her parents if we let her. We used the chocolate egg from one of the 4 eggs she did manage to pick up to ‘bribe’ her in the house where it was warm!!! Can’t wait to get together!!

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