Win a children’s book! (Or, ‘I’ll show you mine if …’)

As I first noted here, I’m looking for your favorite children’s book with an adoption angle. I’ve gotten some good responses, but know there are plenty more out there that folks must be reading to their children (adopted or not).

I’m upping the ante a bit. For everyone that submits a book before the end of April — that’s four weeks folks! — I’ll drop your name into a bowl and let Maeve draw the winner. Before she tries to eat the little paper bit, I’ll read who won and send them a brand-new copy of one of the recommended books. Now that’s a sweet deal, yes? (Those who previously submitted a title please consider yourselves entered.)

There are no parameters for this other than the book being for children and include adoption.

As I explained in my first post, I’m planning a page here just for children’s adoption books and I’m more than happy to include your name, your blog if you have one, and any comments you have on the book you recommend. I’ve got some I love, and will add them very, very soon as I create the page itself. I’m just hoping to see what you folks have in your arsenal first. Kind of like, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Well, sort of like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. Yeesh.

I’ve also got a few to add that aren’t specifically adoption books, but very clearly avoid mention of a precise way the family was created. They can surely be read as adoption-friendly. These also are good, I think, for using as a springboard for talking about one’s adoption.

So, just drop me a quick comment with a book or two or three you love and love to share — and any comments on the book you’d like to run with it. I’d like this to be a useful resource for anyone, personally touched by adoption or not, looking to add to their library and broaden their kids’ exposure.

Now that I’ve bribed you with a brand-new children’s book — the winner being oh-so-carefully selected by 20-month-old Maeve, and lil ol’ me carefully packaging and lovingly sending it to your door — I ask you: What have you got to lose?



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8 responses to “Win a children’s book! (Or, ‘I’ll show you mine if …’)

  1. trixieintransit

    A contest?! I love a good contest! Be careful you might end up with 100s of responses…because I can’t pick just one book on this subject.

    I love “The Colors of Us” by Karen Kaz and “The Red Blanket” by Eliza Thomas.

    But I have a ton of other favorites too. It’s not fair to pick just one.

  2. There’s this great chapter book about adoption from the perspective of the first family — specifically the little sister of the woman planning to place in an open adoption. (Although it’s an older book so I get the impression that there are no visits after the placement so not so open although they all meet the adoptive parents.) It’s called I See the Moon and it’s heart-wrenching.

    The book Baby is also sort of about adoption although the woman comes back after leaving the baby with a family. It’s heart-wrenching, too. (I love that book — sob sob sob.)

    I need to go look at my bookshelves…

  3. Diane Conroy

    You’ve talked me into it…..for younger children I read A Mother For Choco by Keiko Kasza. There’s also a great website for adoption books called Tapestry Books. They are located in NJ and very helpful. I’ve never gotten a book from them that I didn’t like!

  4. Pick as many as you want to submit — no limits by me!

  5. I second Poor_Statue’s recommendation of “Pugnose Has Two Special Families” about open adoption. We also like “Happy Adoption Day” and “The Day We Met You.”

  6. “How I was Adopted” by Joanna Cole is good, too.

  7. Twice Upon A Time: Born and Adopted by Eleanora Patterson, is nice b/c it deals with an older child getting adopted and also discusses foster adoption. It’s for older kids, but we page through it sometimes and I talk through the pictures.

    Carrie Kitze’s I Don’t Have Your Eyes (EMK Press) is very good–each two page spread focuses on how connections can be bio or not (“I don’t have your eyes…but I do have your way of looking at the world,” e.g.)

    Mr. Rogers’ book on adoption talks about the range of emotions adopted kids might feel (in a predictably Mr. Rogers sort of way)

    We have a lot of books about different types of adoption–things like We Wanted You, Benjamin Koo; Over the Moon; The Best Single Mom in the World; I Love You Like Crazy Cakes; Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born. These all are focused more from the adoptive parents point of view (and Over the Moon kind of elides the first parents all together, which is hugely irritating, but we stop and talk through things as we read). I don’t know that I recommend any one of these books as my favorite, but I like having the collection around in the bookshelves.

    I do like A Mother for Choco, and also Little Miss Spider (David Kirk).

    I’ll be curious to see whether anyone commenting here mentions Rosie’s Family: An Adoption Story. I just noticed it in Amazon and it looks like it might be interesting.

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