Love Thursday


Olive you, girl.  Olive you more than you know.


Happy Love Thursday, everyone! For more images of love, visit
Love Is All Around and Love Thursday: Love is All Around Us.



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8 responses to “Love Thursday

  1. She is the cutest ever!!.

  2. Mir

    Bwahahahaha… love this photo (and the caption). Happy Love Thursday!

  3. What a sweetie! I have an olive lover too here, such a fun.

  4. Omigosh, that is so funny! Did she do that herself? My kids love olives too but I’ve always given it to them sliced, I should try giving them those kinds and see what they do!

  5. Maureen

    oh my god, she is more beautiful with each pic!!! We have got to get together soon!!!

    And she is getting to be so, gulp, much, sob, older looking…… T is the same way!!!


  6. LOL. She’s adorable. My niece used to do this same thing with olives. Happy LT.

  7. Lynn

    That is a great picture!! I still do that with olives! Haha!

  8. Mick's Mom

    OLIVE this pic!

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