I’m gonna cry, baby


 “Maeve, show mommy your sad face…”

Tomorrow, Tom and I leave for two days to attend the Boston wedding of an old friend of mine from high school. While I’ve been making my way down a To Do list of preparations to leave, I’ve found myself meandering around another list in my mind —  the Pros and Cons of being away from Maeve, who will be in wonderful hands with her most-beloved aunt. Funny how, despite the disparity in the number of Pros vs. Cons, the scales aren’t actually tipping in any one direction, defying laws of nature, or the universal gravitational equation, or some such thing.

Pros of a weekend in Boston attending my friend’s nuptials:

* She’s my friend and she’s getting married!
* I get to visit with two other good friends from high school.
* There will be dressing up, which means no remnants of Maeve’s breakfast on my clothes, and leaving sensible shoes for a day at the office behind.
* We’ll be in a social setting without lugging a tote bag of toys, board books and sippy cups.
* The post-wedding fete the next day, St. Patrick’s Day, is at an Irish pub in possibly the most Irish city in the country.
* Walks down the less froo-froo end of Newbury Street.
* Brunch with my friends.
* Sleeping in until hotel housekeeping kicks us out.
* More than four, uninterrupted hours in the car with my husband en route to Boston, where we can finish any one of the myriad conversations left incomplete — likely even mid-sentence — the 19 months since Maevey Gravy arrived and our priorities moved down a few notches on the list.

Cons of a weekend in Boston attending my friend’s nuptials:

* I am without Maeve.

I’m telling you, some seriously major scientific fundamentals are being trumped here at my house. And when it comes time for goodbye? Trust me, there will be tears. (Mine, not hers.) Oh, I can hear what you’re saying — “It’s just two days, mamagigi. Get a grip.” I know. I know.

It’s just that this will be the first time we’ve been apart since she came into our lives and changed us forever. The first time we won’t get a kiss night-night. The first time her smiling face and coy wave won’t greet me in the morning. The first time … what?

Right. I hear you. Me. Grip. Getting one. Fiiiiiine. I’m on it.

So, um, anyone know where I can find one of those?



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3 responses to “I’m gonna cry, baby

  1. Oh, I hear ya. The first time Nate was away from us overnight was totally unplanned. He was 2, Frank had to work at his second job at a parking garage where he works weekends and holidays and I was really sick over Christmas (yes, he even has to work on Christmas) so Nate stayed at my mom’s house where tons of relatives were there to take care of him. After that, I wasn’t ready until he was 4 years old. LOL!! He probably could have handled it before then, but I just couldn’t. So I’m not going to tell you a thing.

    None of these steps are easy. 😦

  2. Maureen

    G – breathe deeply, you’ll be just fine…. Maeve will have a blast with K and Dash….. most importantly, enjoy your weekend long date with your husband – you two deserve some time together….. Maureen

  3. Lynn

    So… how was it? You survived since I see you sitting over there. How many times did you call to check up on her?!?

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