Love Thursday


On Loving A Seven-Month-Old Maeve
(Written one year ago in my journal)

Because her big toothless smile greets me each morning.

Because when I least expect it, her hair springs a subtle surprise curl.

Because she places her little paws on my cheeks and watches me, face-to-face.

Because she can wear a pink beret like no one else I know.

Because her laugh is so darned hearty.

Because she curls up in my arms and finds peace.

Because she watches everything, taking her whole world in.

Because she notices her reflection in framed art and photos on the walls.

Because she lights up when mama or dada enter the room.

Because her big, dark eyes are the deepest pools I’ve ever waded in.

Because she fits in my arms as naturally as she does in my heart.

Because her little (toothless) jaw chews when she smells food or sees others eat.

Because she’s so inquisitive, so fearless, so in-the-moment.

Because she laughs when the cats dodge to escape her grasp, as if it’s a game.

Because her chunky, Michelin Man thighs are so delicious. 

Because there is so much promise in her chubby feet and long toes —
for they will take her on all her life’s journeys, long after I am gone.

Because she is my little girl.

Because she has changed me forever.

Because. Just because.


 Happy Love Thursday, everyone! For more images of love, visit
Love Is All Around and Love Thursday: Love is All Around Us.



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7 responses to “Love Thursday

  1. moms2sense

    Wow, Beautiful! Thanks.

  2. Oh my word, Maeve is the most!! And I just love your writing!

  3. This is lovely. So is she. The first thing that I noticed were those beautiful dark eyes.

  4. What sweet, thankful thoughts. She is absolutely precious.


  5. So many reasons to love her and so many more that aren’t written but are written in your heart.

    Happy Love Thursday!

  6. I admire your dedication to writing your thoughts down so carefully! I’m sure your daughter will love reading this when she grows up.

  7. got to love the little guys

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