Weird ways

So all readers of owlhaven were tagged to partake in a meme that essentially asks participants to reveal an oddity (actually, six) about themselves. Seemed fun, so I’m jumping in.

Six Weird Things About Mamagigi:

1) I cannot drink from a glass or eat from a utensil or plate that is still damp from being washed or that I have witnessed being washed. It must first “cure,” by sitting in the hutch for a while. You’d think I’d have a specific amount of required drying/curing time, but I don’t. Just don’t rinse a glass (even one that I was just using) and then immediately refill it with something and think that I will touch my lips to the rim. Aint happening. Eeeeeeeek.

2) I can’t discuss bodily functions or fluids, as explained here, without using the word “unmentionable,” contorting my face and feeling flush.

3) I don’t ever use the highest setting on any appliance/electronics for fear of, well, exhausting the machine. I know. Strange. So, if I’m trying to boil water on the stove, the burner is never turned up to 10 which is the max, 7 or 8 will just have to do. I tend to stay in the middle upper range of the power option — no matter the device (this applies to stereos, hair dryers, dishwashers, you name it.)

4), 5) and 6) Seems I’m having trouble coming up with three more. Perhaps the first three are just so weird they account for the second three? I could ask my family and friends — but I fear what they would contribute.

So, let’s leave it at three. Yes, three.

A perfectly respectable number.

Now, what about all of you, dear readers? Tag, you’re it. Gimme at least one weird thing about you. And if you’d like, feel free to submit one Very Cool Thing about yourself to balance the scales. Come on, I dare you, delurk and tell me more about you.



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3 responses to “Weird ways

  1. Lynn

    See, I do read your blog!

    When I walk past a microwave and notice a remaining time is left on it, I must clear it!!

  2. OK, you’re the weirdest. hehe. go see owlhaven


  3. I like Fun Socks, but I can’t be bothered to match them anymore so a lot of the time lately, I wear unmatched Fun Socks. I do try to wear sorta/kinda the same background color. So, for example, the other day I was wearing green vegetable socks and a lighter green flower socks. I have a ton of these Fun Socks. Someday I should gather them together and take a picture of them.

    A cool thing? I don’t know; define COOL. I like fruit snacks as much as my kid does. I traveled to Ecuador when I was 18 to visit our exchange student. Brokeback Mountain is my favorite movie. — ???

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