Morning memories

How did your day begin this morning?

Mine started with a flapjack squarely in my face. In my right cheek actually.

Kudos to daddy for making such a nice breakfast for the family, but that daughter of his sweet daughter of ours Maeve has one heck of an arm on her. While Tom and I were deep in discussion while partaking in his homemade most-important-meal-of-the-day, Maeve must have decided that a) she needed to sharpen her pitching skills for that softball scholarship in oh, 17 years, b) we were not paying her enough mind in that moment, or c) she wants her mama to look her best and knows of some secret beauty regimen wherein pancakes are good for the complexion.

All I know is that out of nowhere, just as I am sure I was about to make a brilliant point in the conversation, a half-eaten pancake came flying across the table and smacked me right on the cheek. Boink. Perfect aim. (College scouts are already gathering outside my door.)

And such treatment after I personally hand-cut Hershey’s kisses into little chocolate bits so we could enjoy chocolate chip pancakes on this fine Saturday morn? Some thanks I get. Harumph.

Waitaminute …

It’s all coming back to me now. Maeve ate plain pancakes and we ate the chocolate chip ones ourselves — ya know, in the name of good parenting.

OK, so cause of aforementioned Perfect Pancake Hurl by otherwise angelic 18-month-old is now perfectly clear.

Tomorrow we eat cereal.


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One response to “Morning memories

  1. Maureen

    Duh, did you think she would not notice that the chocolate chip pancakes were waaaaaayyyyy better!!?? We had a similar situation with mashed potatoes the other day…. T was not eating hers, and desperately wanted mine…. And inhaled them. Only then did I realize I was giving her salt and pepper and butter (and gravy) free mashed potatoes – I’d have whined for someone elses too!!! Turns out she loves them when they are prepared the way I like them!! Oh well!!!

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