No place like home

So here I am. In a blog? On a blog? Well, whatever it is, I’m blogging. Yes, me. A blogger. And this is the inaugural blog. While I am wise enough to make no promises of what this little space o’ mine will become, I do make one promise. And it’s to myself. Actually, this promise was made a very long time ago. And this blog is about finally fulfilling it.

The Promise? That I would write. It was never about what might or might not come from my writing. It was just that I would write. I love to do it. I feel good doing it. I feel most like myself when I’m putting words down on paper, er, keyboard. And, frankly, back in college some five gazillion years (and a husband, a daughter, a mortgage and goddess knows how many pounds ago) I was, well, pretty good at it. It’s strange to write that down but I know it’s true. I have the accolades from a professor or two, and an award for my senior thesis (the role of feminism in The Wizard of Oz, of course) in a competition I didn’t know I’d been entered into — until I received a check in the mail. Ah, what a cool journey that paper was, meanderings down a yellow brick road.

But I’ve digressed.

This is a place, a space, for me. A place to transform thought or question into written word — even if I am the only one paying it any mind at all. That’s ok. This space is meant to light the fire I desperately need under my backside. The spark to make myself actually take the time for me. To put into words the ponderings that swirl about all willy-nilly in my mind or those that have long given up their swirling and willy-nillying and are darned near ready to vanish altogether, tired of waiting for me to finally sit down … and write. (Ya know, The Promise and all.)

The point here, my point here, is that after all the mothering and wifering and good employeeing is done on any given day I have mamagigi’s little space for me. For moi. Yes, moi and moi musings, both little and large. Hmmm, I like it. Just moi and moi musings. (And maybe a friend or two I make along the way.) So if you’re here and still reading, Welcome. Stay a while. Because there’s no place like home.


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